Enjoy a Meal at Tea for Two in Northwest Houston

Enjoy a Meal at Tea for Two in Northwest Houston

You may have had a long day at work, school or home and you need time for relaxation and food. Tea for Two offers brunch Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is sure to satisfy your appetite in a calm environment. There are a variety of restaurants in Northwest Houston to choose from for your lunch adventures, however, only Tea for Two offers a … [Read more...]

Steps to Help Improve Balance in the Fitness Center

Steps to Help Improve Balance in the Fitness Center

In our hectic world, many people are striving for balance in their lives. If you are literally looking to be better balanced in our apartments in Houston with fitness center, you can follow some simple exercises to improve your coordination and core strength. Warm-up To get warmed up, raise your heart rate a little by marching in place. You can do … [Read more...]

Start Fall Cleaning With Help From the Professionals in Northwest Houston

Dirt Free Carpet Cleaning

Fall is a busy time of year. You have a lot of holidays coming up and there is so many errands to run. When it comes time to clean your Northwest Houston home, there are some apartment cleaning tips you can use to help you out. Start fall cleaning with the help from the professionals in Northwest Houston. The Dirt Free Carpet Cleaning are there to do … [Read more...]

Walk Your Pet to Houston’s Forest West Animal Clinic


If your pet is in need of medical treatment and you are looking for some local, reliable veterinary care, consider taking your pet to Forest West Animal Clinic. Located in Houston, Forest West Animal Clinic prides itself on being a specialist veterinary care facility, offering a wide range of services to its valued customers. The staff are both … [Read more...]

Redecorate with Antique Finds from Houston’s Northwest Mall

Redecorate with Antique Finds From Houston's Northwest Mall

For antique hunters, coin collectors, or anyone with extra stuff to sell, one of the best shops at Northwest Mall is Thompson's Antique Center of Texas on Hempstead Road. With over 190 dealers and 108,000 square feet of space, this vast mall could take days to go through to see all of the items available. Luckily, it is open seven days a week except … [Read more...]